FrontLine Safety & Security 2016: ISSUE 1

In vogue with technology vendors, statisticians and management gurus, BDA can contribute to better law enforcement results. We look at the progress that has been made in the application of BDA, and the challenges that still remain.

The susceptibility of the physical network of submerged fiber-optic cables is a threat to the very backbone of the global internet. Do our adversaries have the ability to monitor underwater sensors or neutralize or sever fiber-optic cables in deep water during a time of conflict?

Estimates vary widely as to how much money is allegedly “laundered” each year in Canada. Is FINTRAC doing enough to thwart money-laundering operations that funnel the proceeds of criminal activity?

Becoming a Park Ranger in Africa is more dangerous and like military training than what their counterparts in North America have to prepare for.

Is Political Correctness stopping us from asking the right questions for effective national security? A look at a disturbing global trend that includes revelations of abuse of at-risk women and children being covered up in European cities.

Acts of terrorism frequently cover multiple jurisdictions – planning in one or more cities, and attacking in another. Properly trained and equipped police forces would therefore have several opportunities to prevent the sort of terrorist attack we are becoming all too familiar with... if only they had the resources.

As the world rapidly gets more and more complicated, having a clear set of inter-agency protocols with an independent compliance assurance mechanism is a good idea. A targeted review can serve as a vehicle to effectively identify legislative, policy or funding obstacles to desired operational abilities.

A necessary response to complex threat is more effective interaction between police forces, and a whole-of-government response at all levels.

A SAR Manager requires as much accurate information as possible to have any chance of success beyond pure luck. Using SAR-related analytics to help find missing Alzheimers wanderers faster can save lives.