FrontLine Safety & Security 2017: ISSUE 1

At a recent psychology conference, Air Traffic Controllers were singled out as having one of the most stressful and high-risk jobs.

Association of South East Nations is battling Piracy. How the situation in South East Asia became hapless and complicated.

Expanding pre-border clearance in Canada and the United States was among the highest priority initiatives contained in the Beyond the Border (BTB) Agreement. The details of how it would be implemented were not completed until recently.

The ability to collate, analyze and interpret vast amounts of information and turn it into actionable intelligence – allowing a commander to make timely and accurate decisions – is critical.

USCG works maritime security to extend its security in the broad sense of the word.

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), is the foundation on which every crisis decision depends.

Is the present security regime sufficiently robust and resilient when it comes to safety & security at marine terminals?

The positive side of post-traumatic stress. Researchers have identified some individuals who appear to have have actually improved their psychological state after trauma.

At FrontLine, we search out new ideas and concepts that could help enhance safety and security, and there is a new approach for addressing complex projects and procurements.

A look at the dangers posed by reckless security policy and the evident lack of contextual understanding by top policymakers.

Armed Coast Guard vessels interdict drugs, perform search and rescue and coastal patrols, monitor for environmental and fisheries protection, and more. 

Emergency professionals tap into deep strengths daily when performing their duty, but What makes a leader? Leadership is defined by results, not attributes. It is a leader's ability to influence others that is most important.