FrontLine Safety & Security 2019: ISSUE 1

Search and Rescue (SAR) has always been an emotional topic because it deals with lives hanging in the balance. Is a contracted service in the best interests of the SAR mandate?

Canada is recognized as a money laundering playpen, but the RCMP can’t do anything about it. With dwindling recruitment, the RCMP can no longer effectively handle all enforcement duties across the country. It’s time to modernize the RCMP mandate.

Six years in the making, the recently announced funding plan for the 80 ground search and rescue groups represented by the BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) may well become the standard by which volunteer SAR service funding is measured across Canada.

Seniors are being tricked into smuggling drugs and other items for organized crime – and being charged. CBSA has been sounding the alarm on this increasing problem.

Both the Budget and Bill C-97 contain several items of potential real consequence for matters of public safety and security, border security, and immigration screening and enforcement. It is important that there be public awareness of these issues.

The R9B Innovation Hub being featured at CANSEC 2019, is a platform to celebrate innovative products and services that are designed to help keep Canadians safe and secure, domestically and abroad.

Organized crime and terrorism are innovation-led enterprises that often require passage through airport security. Authorities are in a constant race to stay ahead while streamlining the security process for citizens.

The Government of Canada is ramping up efforts to ensure that neither the coming election campaign, nor the vote itself, are influenced by malicious, net-based interference.

The evolving threats of today and tomorrow have led innovative simulation developers to the next generation of command-level training.

Performing more than 20,000 patient-related transports every year, Ornge Air Ambulance serves 13.5 million Ontario residents across more than one million square kilometres.