FrontLine Safety & Security 2020: ISSUE 1

Public Safety and Security issues are on the verge of getting out of hand. The issues identified in this article require the attention and action of the ruling government and opposition MPs to ensure Canadians' safety and security are appropriately protected.

Toronto Police Service Trainers examine at recent protests from a best practices and crowd management perspective. Updated and consistent training is one part of the solution to change response tactics from aggressive escalation to serving the public right to peaceful protest.

COVID has given us time to really see what we've done to the world, to evaluate our beliefs and the status quo. Don’t avoid the uncomfortable conversations, it's time to get with the 21st Century.

FrontLine contributor and Occupational Health Nurse from Halifax ventures to work in New Zealand for a change of pace, and then COVID-19 hit. Here is a brief outline of some of those experiences helping out in New Zealand during this time of crisis.

It is urgent to refocus our vast knowledge and expertise to a coordinated universal effort on the environment, especially as populations begin to shift their lifestyle paradigm in a post COVID-19 mindset.

COVID-19 is both a threat-event and a national security concern, able to expose vulnerabilities of a nation and set the stage for grey-zone tactics by adversaries.

Former Money laundering investigator shares thoughts on what the pending report on Money Laundering in BC is expected to reveal, and offers his own recommendations to close legal loopholes that make Canada a lucrative option for such criminal behaviour.