FrontLine Safety & Security 2020: ISSUE 2

What does Defunding really mean? The global movement has both merits and challenges. Generally speaking, the demands are broad, but one statement comes through loud and clear: there has to be a re-imagining of public safety and the police role within it. Let's deconstruct the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

To say 2020 has been a difficult year would be an understatement – what a year to be inaugurated as the new Executive Editor! With COVID-19 affecting the entire globe, all crises now have to be approached through a COVID-19 lens. The FrontLine web site continues to alert you to relevant news briefs, and our e-newsletter keeps you up to date on current FrontLine articles and posts.

A look at how Search and Rescue volunteers in British Columbia face the challenges of operating while respecting the ever-evolving restrictions to keep both searchers and injured subjects safe.

The VPD recognizes the need to integrate mental health professionals into frontline police response in order to support persons living with mental health issues. This article looks how a top-down mandate can change culture in meaningful ways.

At the outbreak of this current pandemic, many countries rapidly responded by restricting activities, but some vulnerable populations found themselves having to choose between two almost impossible options.

Electronic Monitoring can be used to effectively monitor some offenders as an alternative to custody while still protecting the safety of communities.

A diverse team of professionals tackle the common challenges related to Hazardous Material spills due to ground transportation accidents.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought havoc on the aviation industry throughout 2020. There will be major changes to how the airport environment works, specifically to aviation security. A consistent approach is critical to public trust.

Traditional leadership is simply not enough to deal with the complexity we face today. Leaders need a better understanding of complex systems and the gaps in our responses to high-impact events.

Responsible for policing the transit system, there were no existing models to copy when the Metro Vancouver Transit Police set out to create its Community Policing Centre. Constable Ponsioen shares his journey.

A look at how Canadian H1N1 research impacted how emergency teams managed the early COVID response in the Middle East.

It is important for investigators to keep current with new, scientifically supported interview techniques and emerging research such as the detection of deception to guide the quest for truth.

Alberta's recent Court of Appeal ruling on searches of travellers' electronic devices creates an important, though short, window of opportunity to effect policy reform and bring the federal Customs Act up to date with the new technologies being faced at the borders. There is a a strong case for continuing the search authorization, but Parliament must act within a year.

It’s time for smaller agencies to improve skills, training and response levels to become part of the communal team effort for Critical Incident Management Response.

With this edition, FrontLine Safety & Security welcomes its new Executive Editor, Pascal Rodier. His 30-plus years in public safety and emergency management will be a huge asset as he takes over the helm at FrontLine to continue bringing our readers pertinent content that is of interest to the Public Safety & Security communities in Canada and around the world.